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We are happy schizophrenics, sexual deviants, momma’s boys, alcoholics, recreational drug users, and moody weirdos. Sometimes, however, sentimental rubbish can also be found..

Pussy Busters music is for people who like the rawness and straightness of the ’70s mixed with some dark vibes. Our genre is a mix of stoner through grunge, blues, and rock. Together with different bands in Kosice, we are trying to establish a music scene that will be considered independent and will provide a space for creativity and authenticity. It’s the only rock & roll baby!

Pussy Busters was founded in April 2005 by the guitar-player Lukáš Kreheľ and drummer Tomáš Senaši. In June 2005 the bass player Karol Uhrinec joined the two and in September Denis Dupák and Kristína Horníková also joined on guitar and vocals. We started writing our own songs and also started to perform live. Tomas was later replaced by Chris on drums. To date, we’ve played around 70 shows. We took a break for a while because of medical concerns for our two core members. Now we have been rehearsing our material for the new album and we are looking forward to making it happen.

Current formation:

Kristína Hornikova
Lukáš Krehel
Martin Schewczuk
Denis Dupák

Ex: Tomas Senaši, Karol Uhrinec, Christián Szabo, Juraj Reško, Peter Kertvel


New Album PROMO (Február 2020)